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                                                                         Showing 4 Generations the Way to Financial Wellness
              MOVEMENT  |  MAGAZINE

                                                                       Haley Keiffer

                 Haley Keiffer         Connie Nguyen                   EDITOR
                  Editor-in-Chief          Editor                      Connie Nguyen

      Greetings to the Equity Movement Magazine Readers,
      We welcome all of our Readers back to another exciting and useful   Julius L. Cartwright
      Issue of the Equity Movement Magazine which has the most variety
      and comprehensive information on Financial Wellness. It is our   CREATIVE DIRECTOR
      pleasure to welcome all the new faces to this publication as well. We   Duvall Brown
      want to thank each person that picked up a copy or read the digital
      version of the first edition. Please continue to support this magazine   WRITERS
      and we look forward to writing more helpful, informative and
      transformational content.                                        Christian F. Cartwright
                                                                       Dierra M. Bean
      This issue focuses on Resource #5, Cryptocurrency of the 12      Robert Lawson
      Resources for Financial Health. While the Real Estate market is on fire   Valerie Maher
      with increasing prices due to the lack of or no inventory, Crypto is   Lilyvette Rodriquez
      rallying as well. We hope you enjoy this issue and as much as you   Rosa Worth
      enjoyed the debut. For our first time viewers, the Magazine is
      designed to assist individuals of all ethnicities to, learn, grow and
      promote how-to-acquire financial freedom. Financial comfort      MARKETING/ADVERTISING
      produces many benefits, primarily, healthy ones. The EM is presented   CUSTOMER CONTENT
      in a creative, simple and fresh fashion while teaching the critical   Christian Cartwright
      importance of Financial Awareness & Wellness to enhance your
      lifestyle. EM is Your Resource to Financial Health and is a premier   SOCIAL MEDIA
      magazine on financial wellness targeting 4 Generations and Women
      through a collaborative partnership with Women Inflection Point.”  Bridget Therese

      EM offers tips, news, information, how-to’s, support and financial   CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
      resources to consumers and professionals as they pursue their    Kristen Kuchar
      personal and business financial goals. We extend an invitation to join   Brian Phillips
      this groundbreaking movement and share the information about     John Ulzheimer
      financial wellness by signing up for the free 2-year trial membership.   C. Renee Wilson
      Please feel free to email us, like us on facebook and follow us on all
      the social media outlets in addition to TV and Radio. Also share your
      comments and suggestions on the Magazine & the Movement.         Equity Movement Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                       1109 Carnegie Avenue
      Haley Keiffer, Editor-in-Chief & Connie Nguyen, Editor           Cleveland, Ohio 44115
      Equity Movement Magazine is published Bi-Annually, this is the 3rd of 6 issues by
      Equity  Movement  Enterprises,  Inc.  at  1109
      Carnegie  Avenue,  Cleveland,  Ohio  44115,  216.273.8008.  The  Magazine  is   Follow Us:
      available via App and to all members via email blast digitally. Subscription rates   Facebook:  @equitymovement247
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      does not assume responsibility for any unsolicited material and will only return   YouTube: Equity Movement 247
      those accompanied by a self-addressed, or stamped envelope.


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