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     “I love the content,  quick little tips that get me thinking about   “I must admit, this one was my favorite of all. I have so many
     my financial future.” – Roseanne G.                        problems with budgeting but with the advice
                                                                given, I have put it to the test and it really works. It is definitely
     “Such valuable information that I can apply to better my   not a good feeling when you freely spend, not
     finances, thank you!”  Robert F.                           knowing where your money is going, and you find yourself
                                                                broke. I do know that it definitely takes dedication, commitment
     “Love following your page and learning about the steps, keep   and discipline.”
     them coming!”  Angie L.                                    Acquanetta Hemphill

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                                                 Wade Hampton

                                                  Mortgage Lender, NMLS# 408666

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                                               Not all lenders are the same!
             We are a local mortgage lender that can process, underwrite, close and fund our mortgages.
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