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RESOURCE INDEX                                  THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

                                                                Plant Enzymes™, The Fountain of Youth
                                                                Replenish the youthfulness of your body by taking Plant
      Cautions millennials are getting worst deal               Enzymes daily. Plant Enzymes™ can restore enzymes to
                                                                your cells that have been deleted by pollution, poor diet,
      on loan and credit cards
                                                                smoking or stress. It can make you feel young again!
      The 50/30/20 Rule of Thumb for Budgeting                  Bedpan Bullets
                                                                According to Dr. Julian Whitaker in a special report, “The
                                                                Great Vitamin Hoax,” nurses see a large amount of
      SAVINGS RESOURCE                                          undissolved multi-vitamins unprocessed in human beings.
      The Wealth Child:  Laying the foundation of               Natural digestive enzymes are essential to break down
      wealth at an early age
                                                                many of the multivitamins and minerals that people take.
                                                                The workers at sewer treatment plants note they see
      RETIREMENT                                                undigested multivitamin supplements in their screens.
      5 Blatant Warning Signs You’re Not Prepared               Imagine paying for supplements, and then not being able
      for Retirement
                                                                to break them down because of a lack of digestive
                                                                enzymes!  Americans are putting millions of dollars of
      CRYPTOCURRENCY RESOURCE                                   supplements down the drain because they don’t take
      The ABC’s of Cryptocurrency                               digestive enzymes to help break down the supplements.

      STOCK RESOURCE                                            The Role of Enzymes
      Never Spend Change:  Lessons from a                       Ÿ Digestive enzymes break down food particles for
      Successful Self-Taught Investor                              storage in the liver or muscles and other enzymes
                                                                   convert the food back in to energy when the body
      COVER STORY                                                  needs it later.
      Cryptocurrency:  The Modern Day Gold Rush                 Ÿ Enzymes help the blood coagulate to stop bleeding.
                                                                   Enzymes trigger the conversion of uric acid into urea,
      COLLEGE SAVINGS RESOURCE                                     thereby preventing gout.
      Recap on Supercharge…..                                   Ÿ Enzymes assist the kidneys, liver lungs, colon and skin
                                                                   in removing wastes and toxins from the body.
      INSURANCE RESOURCE                                        Ÿ Enzymes are necessary for the construction of new
      Life Insurance:  The Evolution                               muscle tissue, nerve cells, bone, skin and glandular
      FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS RESOURCE                            Ÿ Enzymes help the body eliminate dangerous waste
      Choosing The Right Lender                                    materials by breaking down into harmless substances
                                                                   that can be excreted.
      Tax Win:  IRS Provides Clear Test on How                  Ÿ Enzymes Help Fight Over 150 Conditions
      20% Deduction Applies to Rental Income,                   Ÿ Arthritis
      Exchanges                                                 Ÿ Gas
      Work Your Sphere:  Using Your Network for                 Ÿ Heartburn
      Deal Flow                                                 Ÿ Bloating
                                                                Ÿ Allergies
      INVESTMENT CLUB RESOURCE                                  Ÿ Indigestion
      Investment Clubs Tips                                     Ÿ Immune & Autoimmune Diseases
                                                                Ÿ Asthma
      BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES                            Ÿ Circulatory Diseases
      How the U.S. SBA Can Help Your Small                      Ÿ Injuries
      Business                                                  Ÿ Viral & Bacterial Inflections
                                                                Ÿ Inflammations
                                                                Ÿ Cancer
                                                                Ÿ Weight Problems

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