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                                                                         Showing 4 Generations the Way to Financial Wellness
              MOVEMENT  |  MAGAZINE

                                                                       Haley Keiffer

                 Haley Keiffer         Connie Nguyen                   EDITOR
                  Editor-in-Chief          Editor                      Connie Nguyen

      Season’s Greeting,
                                                                       Julius L. Cartwright
      Welcome to the Equity Movement Magazine’s (EMM) 5th Edition for
      the months of November/December 2019 Edition.  It’s amazing how
      incredibly fast 2019 is coming to an end, therefore, this edition is the   CREATIVE DIRECTOR
      closeout issue with very important resources, messages and resources.  Duvall Brown

      We debuted the EMM’s 1st Edition, March/April 2019 Premier Issue in   WRITERS
      February. The EMM is committed to Showing 4 Generations The Way   Christian Cartwright
      to Financial Wellness by heightening consumers’ awareness on the 12   Julius Cartwright
      EMM  Resource  areas:  Credit,  Budget,  Savings,  Retirement,  Stock   Bonita L. Hatchett-Bodle, Esq.
      Resources, College Savings, Insurance, First-Time Homebuyer, Real
      Estate Investor, Investment Clubs, and Business Development.     Michelle Huang
                                                                       Lilyvette Rodriquez
      Since our EMM debut, we have added the Equity Movement TV Show,   Anthony Walker
      please visit: EquityMovement247 on YouTube.  We can also be found   C. Renée Wilson
      on all the social media networks. In addition there is much more
      coming in 2020 such as Podcast and a Syndicated Radio Show. Our   CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
      Weekly webinars and online training for (MEMBERS ONLY) begins in   Aly J. Yale
      January 2020.
                                                                       Barrett Burns
                                                                       Theodore Schleifer
      Equity Movement Enterprises, Inc. is proud of its unique methodology
      in assisting individuals on utilizing the 12 Equity Movement Resources.
      We have increased our capacity to help other with their financial   MARKETING/ADVERTISING
      transformation and continual development.   EME strives to be the   CUSTOMER CONTENT
      Uber of financial awareness which simply means moving people to the   Christian Cartwright
      EM destination and the Amazon of financial wellness which means
      we serve as a portal to allow our collaborative partners, i.e., banks,   SOCIAL MEDIA
      companies,  and  service  providers  to  have  access  to  our  members   Bridget Therese
      through the platform.
      We are excited and look forward to 2020 and beyond with great
      anticipation.                                                    Equity Movement Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                       1109 Carnegie Avenue
      Equity Movement Magazine is published Bi-Annually, this is the 4th   Cleveland, Ohio 44115
      of  6  issues  by  Equity  Movement  Enterprises,  Inc.  at  1109  Carnegie  Avenue,
      Cleveland, Ohio 44115, 216.273.8008. The Magazine is available via   Follow Us:
      App and to all members via email blast digitally. Subscription rates for   Facebook:  @equitymovement247
      Print Copy (Hard Copies) $21.95 per year for mailing & handling.   Instagram: @equitymovement247
                                                                       Twitter: @equity_movement
      All Copyright rights reserved. Postmaster: Send address corrections   LinkedIn: Equity Movement 247
      to the above address. Manuscript, photos, letters and artwork should
      be  submitted  to  or  mailed  to  the   YouTube: Equity Movement 247
      address above. The Publisher does not assume responsibility for any
      unsolicited material and will only return those accompanied by a self-
      addressed, or stamped envelope.

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