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RESOURCE INDEX                                  HEALTH IS WEALTH MESSAGE

      CREDIT RESOURCE                             Pg. 6
      VantageScore Can Help Expand Homeownership
                                                                Prevent Dry Winter Skin & DEHYDRATION
      BUDGET RESOURCE                             Pg. 8
      B.R.O.K.E                                                 Have you noticed how dry your skin feels and looks during the
                                                                winter? Cold weather and poor hydration contribute to dry and
      SAVINGS RESOURCE                            Pg. 10        winkled skin. When it is cold, we don't see the need to drink as
      Is It A Mindset! A Habit? Or Both?                        much as we do in warmer weather. In addition, we loose much
                                                                more water through evaporation from the skin because of the
      RETIREMENT RESOURCE                         Pg. 11        colder environment outside. Moisture laden heat escapes through
      Your Time: Planning for Successful                        our breath and skin.
      Retirement (Part 2)
                                                                The skin is the largest organ of the human body and the first organ to
      CRYPTOCURRENCY RESOURCE                     Pg. 15        feel the effects of cold weather and dehydration. In winter, as the
      Facebook May Have Too Many Users For Its                  body  becomes  dehydrated,  the  brain  monitors  the  hydration
      Cryptocurrency to fail – even if you don’t trust it       requirements for the vital organs. If the blood plasma (the water
                                                                portion of the blood) become low on water, the brain initiates water
      STOCK RESOURCE                              Pg. 18        conservation; measuring and conserving what water is has on hand.
      Penny Stocks, A Great Way To Start Investing
      in Stocks                                                 When temperatures are cold, one of the first things the brain does is
                                                                regulate the blood supply of the skin by constricting the flow of
      COVER STORY                                 Pg. 21        blood to the skin to a minimum to prevent further loss of water
      Breaking The Rental Cycle with BBVA                       through the skin. The skin literally goes into a survival mode, as

                                                                blood  is  shunted  deeper  into  the  body  to  feed  vital  organs.
      COLLEGE SAVINGS RESOURCE                    Pg. 28        Perspiration is reduced at the surface of the skin. In addition, the
      How Will Parents & Students Survive College Tuition       production of repair protein and skin oil to maintain healthy skin is
                                                                reduced in direct proportion of the dehydration of the skin cells. If
                                                                the cells of the skin are 10% dehydrated, they produce 10% less
      INSURANCE RESOURCE                          Pg. 30        repair protein to repair the skin. The end result is that we can look
      How Do Self-Driving Safety Features Affect Your Car
      Insurance                                                 dry, old and wrinkled before our time. Fortunately for us, the skin has
                                                                remarkable healing abilities and many of the skin problems caused
                                                                by dehydration can be reversed to a major degree by drinking much
      FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS RESOURCE              Pg. 33
      Expert Predictions For Mortgage Rates, Home Prices,       more water than you think you actually need.
      Tech and More
                                                                In the winter, almost everyone has seen steam or vapor coming out
      REAL-ESTATE INVESTOR RESOURCE               Pg. 37        of the mouth as you breathe, or vapor rising off your skin as you
      Mastering the Lazy Gene – The Entrepreneur                exercise. This is an example of moisture-laden heat escaping from
      (Part 1)                                                  the body. The colder it is outside, the greater the heat and moisture
                                                                loss.  In  addition,  as  we  hydrate,  we  increase  the  odds  of  viral
      INVESTMENT CLUB RESOURCE                    Pg. 40        replication  because  dehydrated  cells  produce  50%  more  viruses
      Creating Economic Mobility Through Family Investments     than a hydrated cell.
                                                                Winter seems to bring on illnesses we don't experience as often
      BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE               Pg. 45        during warmer months. The common cold and influenza cause the
      The Up & Coming Generation Z                              body to generate large amounts of mucus in order to rid the body of
      It’s All About Business                                   the  offending  microbes.  The  water  in  these  discharges  must  be
                                                                replaced. This is the reason doctors recommend increasing water
                                                                intake during these illnesses.  The Inner-U.

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