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RESOURCE INDEX                                  HEALTH IS THE NEW WEALTH                                                                                                        ON THE COVER

                                                                What is My Body Trying to Tell Me?                                    EQUITY

       Credit                                                   What is locked inside the body, in the form of                                                                                     Showing 4 Generations the Way to Financial Wellness
       The Unscoreable Problems Gets Worst      (5)             conscious or unconscious trauma, stress, or negative                    MOVEMENT  |  MAGAZINE
                                                                emotions keep us from our unlimited, true potential.
       Budget                                                   Due to this locked-up negative energy, most recreate
       Budget & Frugal Lifestyle Stories       (8)              and attract past experiences into the present. To break
                                                                this cycle, we must work through our negative
       Savings                                                  emotions and energies that can determine and drive
       Forced Savings Accounts                  (10)
                                                                our lives. There are seven categories we can learn to                                                                            Editor-In-Chief
                                                                transform: our mental capacity, emotional body,
       Retirement (IRA, SEP & 401(k)                                                                                                                                                             Haley Keiffer
       3 Popular Retirement Plans for the self-  (13)           sexuality, relationships, finances, career, and                                                   Connie Nguyen
       employed                                                 spirituality. When negative energy is transformed, life is                  Haley Keiffer                                        Editor
                                                                more congruent, lighter, joyful, and loving.                                Editor-in-Chief           Editor                     Connie Nguyen
       Crypto Currency                                                                                                          Hello and Welcome to the Equity Movement (EM) Magazine, The
       Intro to: The Blockchain & “A Four Part  (14)            Wholistic practitioners, create safe, sacred space for          anticipated EM Magazine is designed to assist individuals of all   Publisher
       Series” Cryptocurrency                                   clients to move into a place of inner peace and                 ethnicities to, learn, grow and promote how-to-acquire financial   Julius L. Cartwright
                                                                equilibrium through a variety of holistic modalities.           freedom.  Financial  comfort  produces  many  benefits,  primarily,
       Stock Resources                                          Observations have been made how the majority of                 healthy ones. The EM is presented in a creative, simple and fresh   Creative Director
       Are You Beating The Market This Year?    (18)                                                                            fashion  while  teaching  the  critical  importance  of  Financial   Duvall Brown
                                                                people cannot maintain the healing they once
                                                                embraced. A shifted of consciousness beyond diets,              Awareness  &  Wellness  to  enhance  your  lifestyle.  EM  is  Your
       Cover Story                                              supplements, and exercise is necessary.                         Resource  to  Financial  Health  and  is  a  premier  magazine  on   Writers
       Showing 4 Generations the Way to                                                                                         financial wellness targeting 4 Generations and Women through a    Christian F. Cartwright
       Financial Wellness                       (20)                                                                            collaborative partnership with Women Inflection Point.            Mia Bradford
                                                                Thanks to the research of Dr. Robert O. Becker and                                                                               Dolores Perez Islas
       College Savings                                          Bruce Lipton, the discovery of an energetic, vibrational        EM offers tips, news, information, how-to’s, support and financial
       Navigating the Scholarship Landscape     (25)            aspect of the human body was made. To understand                resources to consumers and professionals as they pursue their    Marketing/Advertising
                                                                the bio-social world of Epigenetics, specifically where          personal and business financial goals. We extend an invitation to   Customer Content
       Insurance                                                our feelings and emotions relate is very beneficial.             join this groundbreaking movement and share the information      Christian F. Cartwright
       The Truth Behind Deals & Discounts       (28)                                                                            about  financial  wellness  by  signing  up  for  the  free  2-year  trial
                                                                                                                                membership. Please feel free to email us, like us on facebook,   Social Media
                                                                Feelings refer to anything that can be experienced by
       First-Time Homebuyer                                     the senses. Emotions are the psychological expression           follow us on all the social media outlets and on TV and Radio. Also   Bridget Therese
       Taking Charge of Your Life               (30)            of the biological reactions and mental states. When             share your comments and suggestions on the Magazine & the
       First-Time Homebuyer Turned Investor     (31)                                                                                                                                             Contributing Writers
                                                                negative emotions are not resolved, they are either                                                                              Dr. Lezli Baskerville
                                                                suppressed and/or repressed. In these circumstances,            A special thank you to the staff, writers, contributing writers, and   Barrett Burns
       Real Estate Investor                                                                                                     the entire Team for working so hard to deliver this Magazine, and
       Real Estate in Mexico and Financing      (34)            negative emotions remain fully charged in your                  partners  who  continue  to  believe  in  the  vision  and  value  our   Larry Gilmore
       Options for Foreigners                                   energetic body and, therefore, never die.                       efforts. Please be patient as we continue to grow and expand the   Lucius Lewis
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kevin Matras
                                                                                                                                magazine. “Future editions content will support continual growth,   Vanessa Montanez
       Investment Clubs                                         Whether we recognize them or not, the emotions that             so stay engaged in the Movement process and leverage the EM
       How to Start an Investment Club in High  (39)            we bury create the pain, dis-ease, challenges, and the          offerings.”                                                      Kate Sundquist
       School                                                   crises in our lives. Unfortunately, we do not have the
                                                                luxury of choosing which feelings will manifest.                Haley Keiffer, Editor-in-Chief & Connie Nguyen, Editor
       Business Development                                     However, the more we suppress our emotions, the                                                                                  Equity Movement Enterprises, Inc.
       5 Factors That Affect Your Business Credit (42)                                                                                                                                           1109 Carneigne Avenue
                                                                more fuel we give them.                                                                                                          Cleveland, Ohio 44115
                                                                                                                                Equity Movement Magazine is published Bi-Annually. This the 1 st of 6 issues
                                                                                                                                by Equity Movement Enterprises, Inc. at 1109
                                                                Dis-ease in any form is the natural consequence of              Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115, 216.273.8008. The Magazine is
                                                                unresolved emotions that have been buried, forgotten,           available via App and to all members via email blast digital. Subscription rates   Follow Us:
                                                                                                                                for Print Copy (Hard Copies) $21.95 per year for mailing  & handling.
                                                                or ignored. Ultimately, having the inner-standing that          All Copyright rights reserved. Postmaster: Send address corrections to the   Twitter@TheEquityMovement
                                                                you have an influence on your genes is so empowering.            above address. Manuscript, photos, letters and artwork should be submitted
                                                                                                                                to  or  mailed  to  the  address  above.  The   Instagram.TheEquityMovement
                                                                You have control over your health and can take small
                                                                                                                                Publisher does not assume responsibility for any unsolicited material and will
                                                                action steps to improve the quality of your life and            only return those accompanied by a self-addressed, or stamped envelope.   LinkedIn@TheEquityMovement
                                                                reduce your risk for long-term dis-ease, by embracing
                                                                the inner u.                                                    PRINTED IN THE USA.

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