About Us

The Equity Movement is a consumer-based membership organization designed and created to engage, educate, empower and successfully direct consumers of all nationalities in their pursuit of financial excellence. EM’s strategy in accomplishing this feat is to heighten financial awareness and wellness by promoting the critical importance and benefits of being financially healthy. The EM resources include information, tips, news and how-to’s in the areas of Credit, Budgeting, Savings, Retirement, Crypto Currency, Stock Options, College Savings & College Debt Reduction, Insurance, Homeownership, Real Estate Investor, Investment Clubs, and Business Development.

EM was conceived as a Vision and Concept to build a platform that assist, guide and support individuals on an ongoing basis organically. The primary direction to identify creative ways to reach high school students, college students, and women groups, which covers young adults thru retirees. EM has resources from beginners’ level to advance levels, and is inclusive and has vertical integration for all targeted segments in the Movement. The intent is to permeate relationships with consumers by sharing experiences, setbacks and comebacks through Social Media, Television, Radio, Magazine (digital & print), Seminar Tours, Online Training via Webinars and Community Engagement, Mobile App, Website, and Podcast.