Business Plan Outline 

  1. Cover Page: The name and address of the business, owner’s name, telephone number, Email address and website
  2. Executive Summary: Summarize the mission and the vision of the business and why it will be successful. It should be clear, compelling and able to convince investors to loan you money. It should be long enough to give detailed information and short enough to keep the readers interest. Address the problem in the world and how you will solve it.
  3. Business Description: What does the company do?  What are the products or services offered?  What are the unique features and benefits that distinguish your business from others, explain why your business will succeed.  
  4. Services or Products you plan to sell:  Describe in detail the products and services offered.  Include pictures, prices and benefits to the customer. What can you do differently to compete? Explain how your business is superior?
  5. The Competition: Who is your direct and indirect competition? Name and location, length of time in business, what they sell, business strengths and weakness.  Analyze how your business will be different from the competition and what your strengths are? Is there a gap in the industry that you can fill?
  6. The Market: Describe your customers? Their education, age, ethnicity, gender, social trends and characteristics.  How will you communicate with your market and attract them to your business?  What is the size of your market?
  7. Promotion and Marketing Strategy:  In detail describe how you will sell your products or services. How are you going to engage and reach your customer? What types of advertising, promotion, community relations, blogs, social media, email marketing, newsletters and publicity?
  8. The Management: Who will be running the company, their experience in the industry and in managing a business?  Include credentials, resumes and industry expertise.  Owners must have the ability to manage both employees and finances.
  9. Financial Information:  Sources and uses of funds.  How much money do you need to start?  Where will the money come from? What will the money be spent on? How much will you need each month to operate the company? How much will you need to sell to cover all the expenses and make a profit?  What are your Start up costs? These are one time expenses for website, brick and mortar would include, signage, renovations, equipment, supplies. How much needs to be sold each month to cover fixed and variable expenses and make a profit?