Tips for creating a manageable work-life integration for college students

This is an article that will help college students with some basic things that they need to know in order to create a manageable work-life integration that can work well for them as they plan for their future life. 

Work-life integration is the process and approach that you implore in creating a synergy between all ramifications of your life. Work-life integration is being able to be productive when you are not in a particular focus area. Focus on work-life integration over work-life balance

It is also important to note that there is only one universe and that universe is your life. Spend your time on the important aspects of your life. Once you can organize your life around what matters to you, you will discover that you will be able to save wisely and even plan properly for the future. 

What Work-Life Integration Is Not

Work-life integration is not having to work while you are on holiday. Holidays are holidays, they are opportunities to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Work-life integration is all about balancing your work and study as one. If you integrate your work and study, they work together as one. 

The following are some things that college students need to know in order to create a manageable work-life integration; 

  • Define it for yourself: work-life integration is a personal thing. Know what works for you and plan around it. 
  • Make a realistic and workable plan: before starting your plans, find out what your ideal day looks like, when do you read, when do you go to lectures, and finally when do you go to work?  Make a realistic plan that you can stick to, a plan that you can use to make a better life. 
  • Involve important people in your life: involve your parents, your friends, who will guide and counsel you. Make plans with them. Plan the days you go for lectures and work. Find that integrating balance. 
  • Schedule your time: if you want good work-life integration, you’ve got to learn how to schedule your time properly so that your work or your studies won’t be lacking. Create responsibility and accountability for what works in your life. How do you create a schedule? You can use Google Calendar and stick to it every single day and make it work. Plan every single bit of your day. When you break your time into hours, you will see that there are a lot of things to do. 
  • Control your usage of social media: you have so much time when you stop engaging on social media. Lots of activities take your time. If you spend 10% of your time socializing, then your time is out of control. Use all your time productively and effectively. 
  • Re-evaluate if you are consistent: if you find out you are not finding balance or even getting the right work-life integration, ask yourself some questions and evaluate. 

In conclusion, remember to use the power of positive affirmation. They are inspiring and encouraging words you say to yourself. Repeat them over and over again. Phrases such as, “I use my time judiciously, “I am excellent in my time management” and such. These are the things you need to know and feel in order to create a manageable work-life integration that will help you throughout your college career, as well as plan for the future