Models of Financial Wellness & Awareness of Danetha Doe

Essentially, anyone can make cash with the right investment. But if the investment strategy fails, the secret is never to give up.

Managing money skillfully creates financial stability, which turns into careful long-term budgeting. A properly structured budget gives you total control over your income by tracking expenses to curb unnecessary spending. Through tight spending restrictions, you’ll be surprised at how much financial wellness makes it easier to pay bills on time, save for major expenses, build an emergency fund, and enjoy your day-to-day life a little more. Plus, to make your off time a bit more budget productive, Wall Street Journal is leading a community for the ambitious woman through a close of financial inspiration-the illustrious Danetha Doe.

A former NFL cheerleader, a financial psychologist by training, and an economist by training, Danetha Doe is a budgeting entrepreneur unveiling many universal truths regarding personal finance. She is the creator of money & Mimosas, a blog educating new investors on the prospects of diversifying their wealth portfolio, including mentoring Millennials on the path to financial freedom, with a heavy emphasis on the practical two leads for a burden-free healthy habit: know your numbers and be mindful about your spending. The San Francisco- based Jamaican-Ghanian starred in the 2019 web series “Going from Broke,” produced by Ashton Kutcher, which got over 12 million views in its first season, according to her website.

Her Story

Essentially, anyone can make cash with the right investment. But if the investment. Strategy fails; the little secret I never give up. Like other success struggles, the economic enthusiasm in Doe, which started at the tender age of 8, has its ups and downs. When asked where it all started in an interview with Rachael Mahoney of, Doe said while smiling, “I asked my parents for business cards for my eighth birthday. At the time, I was going to be the best nail artist. And that was the first of many failed business attempts in my life.”

But early failure didn’t deter Doe, and her determination propelled her to continue taking risks like the capitalist would say No Risks, No Gains. In yet another failed attempt, Doe recounted: “I started another business creating active wear for dancers and cheerleaders. I thought I knew the dance word with some business sense from school to create a business. And that was a complete disaster. Lost so much money and I completely made a mess of a business.”

Her Mimosas Success

After she relocated to the grand canyon on a seasonal job offer as a staff accountant, her urge for entrepreneurship grew steadily. Eventually, she found love, and they decided to move to San Francisco. Doe secured another job, and she expressed outright dissatisfaction on her first day sitting in the cubicle. “It was just this feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be there. And I quit that day,” says Doe. After quitting, she headed to a cafe and ordered a mimosa. Yes, the same mimosa she built her income blog. The inspiration for the blog. The inspiration for the blog was after a conversation about money with her girlfriends over a bottomless mimosa brunch. And today, Money & Mimosas is read by hundreds of thousands across the globe.


Danetha Doe is a Webby Award-winning TV host and a recognized personal finance expert by TIME, the wall street journal, and fast company, for her cool approach and knowledge of finance. She has also been featured in Elle, cosmopolitan and named a top 40 under 40 accounting professionals by a CPA practice advisor. She also is known as a millennial entrepreneur to march by the office of congresswoman barbara lee and one of the best millennial financial freedom advocators by Yahoo Finance. Again, she is a regular guest financial expert for google, theU.S. small business Admiration, Yelp Postmates, and a respected millennial thought leader crowned by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and Quickbooks.