5 Ways to Create A Wow Customer Experience

Karen Anne Jacks is the founder of Della Ricca Hair Color, the only DIY hair color product on the market to offer custom blended shades tailored to the strength and application method needed by the client, all as if they were in a salon. This provides clients with a unique customer experience, so they are destined to love their hair. 

With so many salons closed due to COVID-19, beauty has become a black market. No longer does your collar job need to be a sketchy, back-alley experience? Della Ricca brings salon-quality hair color to your doorstep, safely and securely. Della Ricca puts beauty back in the hands of men and women everywhere and anywhere.

Karen, a hair colorist for many years learned that many clients were unable to visit the salon because they couldn’t afford it, didn’t have the time, or perhaps were on the road. Karen thought about how she could solve this problem. The devil is in the details, and many years of research and development were required to get it all right. But the concept, the eureka moment was recognizing the solution lies in tiny tubes; so Karen created a salon-quality at home, DIY hair coloring system that offered the same guidance and professionalism that salons offered, at a more affordable cost and available in the comfort of customer’s own home. 

Great Customer Experience is essential for Success in Business

It is all about the connection that builds trust. With hair color, each customer needs to trust that they will get exactly what is promised. Hair is something we wear every day and if it is not right, we feel it. Karen wants the DIY user to have that same experience; a high-quality color and high quality, authentic and personal attention. To accomplish this is precisely why the business model connects all customers with a professional Hair Hero, rather than just having them select their color from an online menu. This ensures those personal connections are made, building trust in the outcome, removing the anxiety of “did I pick the right one?” and leaving every customer with a positive, glowing experience to match their positive glowing hair. 

Good customer experience is so intuitive

A lot of companies make assumptions that the employee interacting with the customer cares about the customer. This is not always the case, especially in a more heavily commoditized product and service. It is often too easy to just let it all become a numbers game: how much can I sell, how fast can I hire help, how quickly can I train the help, how much stuff can I cram on the shelves. 

External pressures that force a company to improve the customer experience

Competition makes us all better. But for me, it is not about me winning- it is about the customer winning. Every win for the customer is a win for Della Ricca Hair Color. After all, the external pressures should come from the customer’s need and desires puts pressure to deliver. Sometimes these pressures require us to improve incrementally, to react and adapt to the marketplace evolution, or a desire to be just a little bit better than the last time. 

But sometimes, the pressures cannot be overcome with evolution and continuous improvement. Sometimes, the pressures demand revolution, a disruptive way of solving the problem. The pressure to deliver salon-quality to the DIY user, not just with a quality product but a quality product coupled with a quality customer experience and the personal connection and trust that comes with that required a whole new way of looking at the problem. The revolution was tiny tubes of color and Hair Heroes. 

5 most important ways a founder or CEO can create a wow! Customer Experience

First, do not be swayed by the hype! You must have a great product. Second, hire and train people who have the ability to listen and connect with customers. I recently visited a local business, and the exterior of their building was not very pretty or inviting but the reviews were great. The moment I walked in, I felt very comfortable because the receptionist smiled warmly and sincerely greeted me right away, even though she was busy. She treated me like I was the most important person she had to deal with that day, even though I wasn’t buying any big-ticket items. Third, keep your promises. This is huge. People are very forgiving of a lot of things, but mulligans on promises. Fourth, always follow through with customers. Reach out: how did the customer like the product? How did the customer like their experience? Does your customer feel valued and important? You need to know and fifth, you must deliver. It is all connected to the end result.