Is a Private Home Inspection Worth it?

If you are considering a home inspection, it means the home buying process is almost near the end. So far, there have been numerous checks and counter-checks and you’ve had to endure numerous hidden costs of homeownership that you probably didn’t know even existed. It’s over now- almost, and I can tell you for a fact, it was worth it! 

A home inspection is very necessary and at times, you may be tempted to skip it. After all, buying the home is already expensive enough as it is, why would you want to add more costs. Stay with me here, I will show you why it is important to never skip this step. 

I have heard people also argue that since a home is new, they do not need an inspection. Well, the reasoning is quite valid but even for new constructions, a home inspection is vital. 

This article is all about opening your eyes to what a home inspection is and why you need it!

What is Home Inspection?

This is a third part holistic evaluation of the home. It includes inspecting the structure, the systems, the appliances, and all other features of the home. The inspector (a trained and recognized person) will evaluate the home and provide you with detailed analysis or report on all his or her findings. 

With the report from the home inspector, you can now go to the seller and ask them to fix the problem before you can close in on the home. The bottom line, a home inspection will ensure that you are getting the cushion of a safer hazard-free home before investing. 

How Much Does Home Inspection Cost? 

The price tag for a home inspection varies widely depending on the specific location of the home. The price will also be dictated by the size and the age of the home. 

“Home inspections generally cost between $300 and $450,” says Angie Hicks, co-founder of the home services website Angie’s List.

On average, you should budget at least $400 for a home inspection if you want a thorough assessment from a reputable company on an average 2,000-square-foot home. But that is not to say that that price is fixed. You should budget at least $600+, especially where the home is large or needs additional inspections. 


A condo inspection will cost you around $200 for a 1,000 square feet area. 

A mobile home inspection will cost you around $250. However, the cost might rise depending on whether you have a double or triple wide. 

A new construction inspection will cost you around $400. And lastly, a VA home will cost you $340 for inspection. 

How Long Will A Home Inspection Take?

On average, an inspection will take three to four days. This will give you a comprehensive report on the status of the home. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment with a home inspector as soon as you sign the purchase contract. 

While you might be busy with other activities, you should be present during the inspection process. This will give you a chance to observe and ask all the questions you may have as well as give additional details to the inspector. 

Typically, an inspection does not take long. After inspection, you should expect a detailed report in a day or two that stipulates the condition of the home’s structure and systems. The inspector should provide proof using photos and videos if there are any problems. 


What To Look For In a Home Inspection

The home inspector should do a thorough inspection of the home’s important structures and systems. 

There are 4 key areas that a home inspector will emphasize; 

  • The home’s structure and foundation. 
  • The roofing condition. 
  • Plumbing systems. 
  • The electrical system. 

In addition to these four key areas, a home inspector will also look at the appliances and the potential safety hazards. 

Some of the important considerations to make while doing a home inspection include;

1) Checking whether there are any water leaks in the house. Remember, water leaking in the wrong places could be very dangerous. It may cause the house to be unlivable. As such, this is one consideration inspectors should make. 

2) The roof. The inspector should also carefully consider the condition of the roof checking whether there are any leaks. It doesn’t matter whether the roof is new or old. Inspection here has to be thorough. 

3) The electrical grid system. The electrical system should be carefully evaluated. Remember, many of the electrical faults are inexpensive when discovered early enough. but, they can be costly and deadly if they are not handled immediately. Therefore, an inspector should do a thorough job with this. 

Why You Should Never Skip A Home Inspection

Given the importance of inspections, you should never skip it. Here are my 5 reasons; 

It Makes You Aware of What You Need

Inspections provide buyers with an ‘out’ in that they reveal very critical information about the status of the home and its systems. This means the buyer will be aware of the costs, repairs, and maintenances the home may need. It also shows the severity of the problems; which need to be fixed immediately and those that can wait. If the buyer spots more problems in the home inspection than they can handle, it gives them a good way out of the deal. 

Spot safety issues

With a home inspection, you will be able to spot safety issues early on. For instance, the electrical grid may have a problem that might be very expensive to fix later on, or the house could be having leaks. All these will be spotted during a home inspection. 

It will give you Protection

Yes, a home inspection will provide a safety cushion, especially where you are buying an “as-is” foreclosed property. More often than not, buildings that have been boarded usually develop hazardous problems that could pose risk to our health, for instance, mold.

It will Help you Forecast future costs

A home inspector will help you get an approximate cost for the installation of major systems in the house like the electrical systems, plumbing, heating and cooling, and all that. A home inspection will diagnose the current condition of the home and tell you the probable shelf-life of all the fittings, giving you a good headstart for the next installations. 

Bottom Line

For a place you will call home for the rest of your life, a $400 home inspection will be worth it. It is a fairly less complicated process and it will take you just three to four days. A home inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that all systems are in good condition. Sometimes, that is all you need to be truly comfortable.