Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout Through Work Life Balance

Often the phrase, “work-life balance” is thrown around as advice to entrepreneurs. They are told they should strive to attain it, but it rarely gets defined tangibly. The consequences of improper work-life balance include burnout, loss of motivation, and general unhappiness for entrepreneurs. These side effects are detrimental to both an entrepreneur and their business but the question remains, how does one achieve balance as an entrepreneur? 

The answer is to be deliberate in the pursuit of balance. Work-life balance is not about separating work-life and personal life. It is about seamlessly integrating the two sides of an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. The most common pitfall for entrepreneurs is thinking it will just happen on its own. The truth is- as with everything in entrepreneurship-it takes work. The best way to integrate business and personal life is to be deliberate about personal relationship needs. 

Be Deliberate About Personal Needs

A huge way to achieve work-life integration is to be deliberate in taking time for yourself. It is essential to stay cognizant of personal needs and block time in your schedule to focus entirely on those needs. 

As a modern entrepreneur, it is easy to put personal needs on the back burner, because technology creates a constant connection with their business. Shifting the focus from personal needs to business needs may solve a situation happening at the moment, but the needs just do not go away. They pile up and lead to much larger issues in the long term. This is one of the fastest roads to burnout and motivation loss for an entrepreneur. 

Be Deliberate About Relationship Needs

The second way to foster a seamless work-life integration and maintain balance is remembering to tend to relationships. Just like businesses and yourself-relationships have needs that need to be met to stay healthy. 

Friends, family, and spouses are likely there when entrepreneurs start their journey. These relationships form your support system, and they are the core of who you are. You may be invested heavily in your business, but they are invested in and care about you, as well. Setting aside time to send a quick text message and check up on an old friend or planning a date night are all ways to be deliberate in integrating relationships into your life as an entrepreneur. Making a small effort to maintain healthy relationships will increase happiness and balance in your life. 


The life of an entrepreneur is difficult and can often be stressful. It requires constant attention and persistence to be successful. Being deliberate about making time for business, personal, and relationship needs will allow entrepreneurs to avoid burnout and enjoy the perks that make the challenges well worth it. 

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