The Property Sisters Uplifting Women Investors

Dr. Andrenna Gibson-Mack was raised in Far Rockaway Queens, New York, and is currently a Dean of Math, Science, and Health Careers with 20 years of academic experience in Higher Education. Attorney Tamika Wyche-Greenidge was raised in Blackwood, New Jersey, and is currently owns the Law Offices of David Paul Daniels, specializing in Bankruptcy Law with over 15 years experience – Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Andrenna and Tamika were part of a women’s investment group that pooled their money to invest in various real estate acquisitions. While participating within the group, they decided to partner and form their own business “The Property Sisters,” which has allowed them to obtain real estate acquisitions, begin revitalizing neighborhoods, and create generational wealth for their children. 

The Property Sisters are transforming the real estate industry making their imprint known and aiming to help other women rise in real estate. By sharing their wisdom and experience through mentorship and training, women new to the industry won’t have to face as much adversity, expediting their growth and impact. Less than 20% of senior positions in real estate are held by women. For this reason, helping women is close to the Property Sisters’ hearts. They recognize they are female role models for other women considering the industry. According to Andrenna and Tamika, women don’t always trust men as sources of mentorship or guidance in a male-dominated space.

Women tend to trust each other more as female-female relationships are usually more nurturing than female-male relationships. Also, women aren’t always aware of the various jobs within real estate: it’s not all construction. There are so many opportunities within real estate beyond manual labor, from putting a house on the market to interior design. Women absolutely belong in real estate. “If you’re considering breaking into the industry, let your guard down and go for it. Remember, the key is investing in yourself. Go to training classes and seminars – learn as much as you possibly can.” says Andrenna. 

Tamika and Andrenna are there for each other, as well as for other women real estate professionals. It makes a huge difference to be raised to believe you can do absolutely anything you want to do, but The Property Sisters understand that not all women rise from such a loved and supportive place

“No support is better than negative support because when you are investing in yourself, you won’t have trouble finding like-minded people that will back you. Cut off all the negativity. If your family doesn’t support you, that’s okay. As long as you believe in yourself and you keep your candle lit, you will always eventually find another candle to help you shine brighter. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable makes you move,” says Tamika.