The Secret of the B.r.o.k.e. code

“Grow your money, don’t blow your money.” This is a quote associated with the author of the newly released book: The Secret of the B.r.o.k.e. code. Her name is Constance Carter. Mrs. Carter is a remarkable and compassionate woman that happens to be a wealth advocate and budgeting connoisseur. Every wealthy family has that one family member that broke the chains of poverty for future generations. In Constance’s family that was her. 

Through sheer determination and hard work, she was the catalyst that sparked generational wealth in her family and the facilitator that provoke significant change in the lives of so many others. In her book: The Secret of the B.r.o.k.e. code, she teaches her readers how to budget, locate money, lower bills, save, invest, and build networth. Constance Carter is truly a phenomenal woman whose motto is: “Nobody works harder than Constance Carter.” 

She wears numerous hats: author, legacy creator, wealth activator, musician, speaker, motivational coach, wife, mother, and more. 

Mrs. Carter established the Home Repurchase Program that takes both distressed and former homeowners and puts them on a comprehensive plan to become homeowners again with minimal negative credit impact. Helping individuals with challenged credit is also a passion of hers. Constance developed the “Credit Party” where she educates small groups on credit health and budgeting within the comfort of their own home. Constance knows what it is like to not have and to struggle financially which has awakened in her a determination to be a wealth enricher that believes in helping others create generational wealth. 

Her books include: O.N.E. Build Credit to Build Wealth, Keeping Score, and her latest book: The Secret of the B.r.o.k.e. code. This book is excellent and full of valuable information. Yet, you will have to purchase it to find the secret and the meaning she has put on the acronym B.r.o.k.e.

Constance is a strong advocate for budgeting and saving. Constance understands that true wealth is created through homeownership and she realizes homeownership is the biggest way to effectuate that change. She emphasis that budgeting, saving, and planning are critical when developing a road map to achieving homeownership. These are words Mrs. Carter has experienced time and time again: “I’ve seen the trajectory of so many lives that have changed when they bought their first home. And because we teach our clients how to build their wealth portfolio, their first home is only the beginning.” 

In closing: When you hear someone make statements like this; you know you are in the presence of an exceptional human being. “Never turn your back on your community and always help those who are still trying to make it. I always strive to help others build credit and position themselves for financial stability and wealth creation” says Constance.

Constance serves as a speaker advocate coach and retreat facilitator for Lisa Nichols & Motivating the Masses. She has received numerous awards such as The Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award and the Masters Lifetime Award.