Breaking the Rental Cycle with BBVA Part 4


The Lewis’ encourages buyers to not be afraid to renovate if the home didn’t have everything desired. The Lewis’ upgraded their home which was already move-in ready, but they wanted to personalize the home in some key areas they preferred in various rooms in the home. They remodeled the master bathroom, guest bathroom and created custom closets in the master bedroom.

Recommendation to price some of the home’s luxuries that may be on a buyer list before purchase. The Lewis home has a private in-ground swimming pool, so the house maintenance cost is higher than usual or expected. So do more research before purchasing and be well informed about the annual financial commitment of that luxury. 


DARRYL BOWLES, JR., AVP, Community Development Mortgage Banking Officer, BBVA: I am blessed to be in this position. I’m honored that Kimberly and Charles allowed me to be a part of this process. Purchasing your first home can be very stressful, so my job is to be there every step of the way. This is not a job for me, it’s very rewarding for me to help people in our community realize their dream of homeownership. It’s extra special when it’s a close friend. In life, there are moments that create precious memories that we treasure for a lifetime. Becoming a first-time homebuyer is one of those precious moments. 

BBVA’s primary goal is to help customers reach their financial goals through homeownership, but we offer other banking services as well. In doing so, we serve all segments of the population, including those encountering language barriers. Community outreach is critical to BBVA’s business, as well, and helps ensure the success of every neighborhood served. BBVA’s footprint: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. I can be reached at 281.755.3261 or I look forward to serving you.


The Lewis Family shared their story on the Equity Movement TV Show to encourage and inspire others to take the challenge and begin their journey to own their own home.

The EME media outlets are social media platforms, radio, TV, and/or EM Magazine, EME is proud to feature real-life stories that share the good with the not so easy so others can be well informed of what to expect and how to overcome any obstacles when pursuing their dream of homeownership. Statistics support the fact that most individuals build their wealth and grow their financial balance sheet through homeownership.

A nugget for millennials: you can purchase a duplex and become a homeowner and a landlord simultaneously…. Ask BBVA about funding sources to accomplish this strategy.

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