Is Multinational Cryptocurrency An Unreasonable Concept Part 2

In the previous blog, we looked at the possibility of Multinationals coming together and forming one currency or their own currencies. The fact is, the idea is far from being unreasonable. In fact, some companies have already created their own currencies and a good case is Facebook and JP Morgan. In this article, we continue to explore more possibilities, the future of cryptocurrencies, and their place in the global marketplace. 

Bluebelt was among the first in the industry to operate a new concept that provided a faster transaction, settlement, and better price search between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. This is why some predict that Bluebelt’s token will become a basic measure for liquidity trading that has more market value. 

“After the utility coin era, the security coin will lead the cryptocurrency market,” said Kyu Chul Bang, CEO of Bluebelt Korea. “Bluebelt Korea plans to dominate the global market through a multinational cryptocurrency exchange platform for security coin.” “There are still a lot of regulations on cryptocurrency, but Bluebelt has been running the Forex business in five countries for more than eight years with 200 people. We own a fintech-related IT company so understanding and experience in financial markets and financial systems are plenty,” CEO Bang added. 

Other companies creating their own Tokens

This company is based in Malaysia, Asia, and is a famous budget airline that’s planning to create a coin called BigCoin

  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)

This is the biggest bank in Japan, Asia and the 5th largest in the world. They want to create MUFG Coin Valued at around one Japanese Yen. 

This is a company based in Ontario, and deals in mining as well as developing the future generation of digital currency. 

  • NetCents Technology Inc. 

This is an online payment processing company that manages electronic payments. NetCents has its individual crypto known as NCCO, and it is working with crypto exchanges to have this coin widely accessible and traded in the market. 

Cowen Inc., an American Multinational independent investment bank and financial services firm, has recently asserted that the retail giant Walmart’s efforts to find a way of launching and utilizing its own digital coin may generate less political friction compared to facebook’s Libra. Walmart’s cryptocurrency might attract individuals who do not wish to conduct business with conventional banks. 

Walmart has already been using blockchain technology in its supplier network to track goods and along with its supply chain. It indicates that Walmart has been at the forefront when it comes to adopting blockchain technology and crypto. 

In summary, those that question cryptocurrency is a fade or the latest new thing that surely will play out? Simply put there’s a change and rapid adaptation to crypto is here to stay. Much like the debut of the cell phones and the .com ERA, very few understood it or position themselves for that change. Now today, we search all URLs by typing in .com behind every major corporation’s name. Our goal and objective are to continue to raise awareness of the potential of crypto. 

No one visually expected to be attached to their cell phones for an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes per day. You probably did not think this way 15, 12, or even 10 years ago, but today we do everything from cellphones. 

The equity movement is committed to being at the forefront of all cutting-edge technology, tools, and of course Cryptocurrencies as a resource to educate our network on the fact this exists and will be a force now and more so in the near future.

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