Evolving Entrepreneurs

Unstoppable Ethan Holmes with over 200 locations and counting. 

This entrepreneur has a burning desire to do more, be more, and grow Holmes Mouthwatering Apple Sauce. As an inspiration to our millennials Evolving Entrepreneur Network, this story highlights the work ethic, spirit of community to help others grow, give back, focus, and of course, Business Talent. Like most evolving entrepreneurs, Ethan has come up against challenges yet he’s prevailed. 

Ethan has taught many young people how to keep going, keep trying and not give up because eventually, the business breakthrough is coming. Ethan teaches these principles through his Holmes Entrepreneur Initiative. 

This program is for young entrepreneurs. The mission is to give back and educate high school students through real-life applications, and the Holmes Business Model, how to be successful in business. Students are trained and given responsibilities to assist in the production and sale of the mouth-watering apple sauce. Some of the skillsets include; customer service, Retail/sales, manufacturing, entrepreneur mindset, confidence, organization, public speaking & more!