Is there a Future for Gen-X Investors in Real Estate?

What exactly does the future hold for Generation X Investors, those born approximately between 1965 and 1980? One primary attribute of these over-seventy million people is that they are likely retiring in about 10 to 15 years from now. Presently, subsequent generations describe them as being slack, cynical, and disaffected by recent trends. 

But as an entrepreneur in real estate investment, they can be credited with a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit who is more thorough in research and actively balances the stakes of investment. So, what are the unique features of this category of investors? Also, can they still reach their full potential in the near future? 

Gen-X versus Millennials and Gen-Z Investors 

It appears there is a gradual shift away from Gen-X to millennials and Gen-Z’s. But there is a measure of comeback that analysts are also foreseeing for them. This trend is important for all stakeholders in today’s real estate market because Gen-X birthed the millennials and Generation Z.

However, the tremendous growth that the world saw in the past few decades somewhat sidelined the relevance of this “latchkey generation.” Despite any unfulfilled ambitions or overachievement of parents, Gen-X investors can still build a highly profitable future in real estate

We cannot boast that all has been fair with them hitherto, but they can still take more profound steps to thrive in the market. There are three potential areas that Gen-Xers can invest in the real estate sector, namely,

  • Buying properties to Rent out 
  • Buying to Sell Residential properties 
  • And investing in Commercial properties.

However, in these business opportunities, Gen-X should avoid competing with the Millennials and baby boomers. Instead, they should design their businesses while targeting their generation. Take, for instance, whatever appeals to you as a person will likely appeal to people in your generation.

Besides, to reduce the workload of managing real estate investments, you can hire a property manager who will oversee the affairs. And in terms of commercial real estate, future-minded Gen-X investors can build a bunch of commercial renters.

However, in today’s climate with low inventory in single-family housing and investment properties, GEN-Z must find creative ways to gain access. Starting with building a team real agent, wholesaler, and networking with other investors through joining real estate meet-up groups and groups like REIA there is one in location Real Estate Investor Association. This won’t guarantee success but rather give GEN-Z an advantage on edge in the marketplace.

If you are diligent enough in the business, you carefully evaluate every decision and project the outcome before moving. The future still looks bright for you, even as a member of the Gen-X.