A Woman of Many Talents

Zhe Scott – Queen of All Trades

Zhe L. Scott, cannot be pinned down to just one thing. She is the SEO Queen – a marketing & search engine optimization coach who achieves authentic success through building credible, visible, and profitable brands. She is the Chief Digital Strategist for the Seo Services company TSQ Marketing Inc – applying her SEO, leadership, and technical chops to help enterprise engineers build revenue. 

She is Lady Zhe – bringing sensitivity and passion to the five-string Ned Steinberger electric violin like no one else to listeners all over the country. Perhaps, most notably, Zhe Scott is a black, multifaceted, and highly successful serial entrepreneur with a focus on family and being her most authentic self. 

These are not personas that come about on a whim. In addition to her abundant talents and passions coming to the forefront of her career, Zhe developed her many areas of expertise because she needed to.  

“I started the SEO queen out of necessity,” She says. “I had grown an agency from zero to $500,000 in recurring revenue per year and I was on food stamps. I had to make a change.” 

Zhe found herself driven to share the spark she found in her own journey with other industry colleagues in her shoes. 

“I wanted to empower myself and the business owners that I am so grateful for, especially since there is never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing. As the platforms and technology change, we’re always presented with new problems to solve.”

The ever-changing pace of her field has proven to be an asset for Zhe. Having her finger on the pulse of today’s ever-shifting tech scene has resulted in both an incredible track record and valuable partnerships. 

Her career of over 20 years has consisted of adroitly implementing the same marketing fundamentals that were critical to her own success in over 200 other digital marketing campaigns in various niches, sectors, and industries worldwide. Additionally, the SEO Queen partnered with the Los Angeles South Chamber of Commerce to amplify the voices of business in the South L.A. and South Bay communities and beyond, bringing the same spirit of advocacy to an even wider network of entrepreneurs.

Speaking of advocacy, tech isn’t the only space that Zhe cherishes. “Mental Health Advocacy is my passion,” Zhe says. “I think that the stigma of being diagnosed bipolar or manic depressed or with other mental illnesses is counterproductive in society. We need families and communities where we can seek out the help that we need.”

This affinity for empathy and robust support systems manifest in other areas of Zhe’s life, as well. Her skillful musical renderings as Lady Zhe speak to the creativity and love in her approach to life. The work she does with clients in empowering them to pursue their business dreams speaks to how she values collaboration and mentorship. “I am so grateful for the people in my life that advise and encourage me. 

“I am very, very grateful,” Zhe says. “I am learning every day to not let what I see deter me from pressing forward.” 

And as she presses forward, she makes sure her fellow entrepreneurs do as well. She guides individuals and businesses to find clarity, confidence, and certainty in what authentic success means to them. The way she’s able to do so is by having built her own clarity, confidence, and certainty as a musician, mother, and businesswoman – “walking by Faith, and not by sight”. And she knows that doing so will only continue to take her onwards and upwards. 

“Growth,” Zhe says when asked what was next for her various endeavors. “Growth is what is next. We are tightening up our processes and fine-tuning everything from marketing to fulfillment to our message in the marketplace. We are on fire.”