Cryptocurrency made Easy

We caught up with Dwight Jones, a serial crypto investor from Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Jones was one of the visionaries in this space. He saw the value of bitcoin back in 2009 as an alternative to money or fiat in the world of currency.

Wow! He was, of course, spot-on in the decision to take action. At the time, bitcoin was a mere $450.00 per coin and Mr. Jones acquired 20 coins despite the naysayers. Today, he has over 30 different coins outside of the bitcoin portfolio. The math? Let’s say there are 20 bitcoins at the recent highs of $60,000 is $1.2 Million. Even though it may drop more than 60% (down to $22,000), he believes that between now and March 2022 it could reach over $100,000 per coin. If he is right, the value could go to the $2 Million mark on bitcoin alone not to mention the rest of the coins.

Dwight strongly agreed with the fact that crypto is here to stay as an everyday tool. Just recently, PayPal and Venmo added it to their accepted methods of payment and soon many others will do the same.

There are still a lot of people that are very skeptical of this new currency. Mr. Jones says that’s okay. Although, they do run the risk of missing out on this opportunity to build wealth right now. These huge upside gains will not last forever. There are some good coins that are tied to some business being launched every day. But like anything else, there are some bad ones. This would apply to stocks as well so do your homework, study, research and examine these ICO (initial Coin Offerings) trends.

Do not shy away from new ways of learning to make money. Just take a small portion of your money and give it a try. Who knows, you just might be the next millionaire like Dwight Jones.

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