A Millennial Move!

This is the best, brightest, and most active generation in the stock market. The stock market has reached 3,453 days as the bull is in a state of up-rise.

It all began after the great fall and collapse of the market and economy in the united states of America. It started in March of 2009 and has lasted. It is amazing to see so many individuals get wealthy over this period of time. “IRA’s, 401K’s, and direct stock buys have been a home run,” says Justin of Houston, Texas. Justin is a part of this “bullish” generation of millennials winning big with the stock market.

Millennials, are they savvy, intelligent, and stock market experts? Not quite! They just understand better than most that being in the stock market with fear, investing in products and services that they use every day, and without extensive experience in the market, you can still make money. These are a few reasons for the explosion of active investors from day traders to strategic investors’ long term invading Wall Street by moving out of traditional saving vehicles into the market.

The Equity Movement Research team has discovered that more than half of the surveyed millennials have at least 2 accounts. One is a day trader or a short-term investment account, and another is a strategic stock investment in a long-term account. This allows them to buy and hold the stock that can be unloaded quickly while holding on to the one that makes sense with dividends, future splits of stock and a huge market cap—what a great way to think about investing.

Their boldness is unprecedented in stock investing formulas to winning success successfully. Our focus should be to take a page out of the millennial stock playbook and develop our strategies for investing in the market. Regardless of the generation (Gen-Z, Gen-X, or even Baby Boomers), we must learn from our bold, audacious, and savvy stock investor, the millennials.