Pivot! Control! Change Your Credit!

This story details an anonymous individual that is a millennial from Chicago, Illinois.

After being bombarded with credit card offers during the first few years in college, I learned just how easy it is to accumulate debt. More importantly, the cost associated with being inexperienced in managing credit card debt. I had zero experience while growing up, despite the fact I grew up in n upper-middle-class family with both parents. I ended up with roughly about $23,000 of credit card debt that not only reduced my credit scores but forced me to lose out on a few competitive job offers because my score was below 550 across the board. 

When I finally landed a solid job, I began to read, listen to CD’s and followed several individuals online. I wish I had a financial awareness program to become somewhat well-rounded before college, during, and after. I really feel like between the ages of 16 to 26 is when one drives their financial behavior and when one because well-informed. Those generation Z’s and young millennials that get this early could save themselves 5 to 10 years of recovery time. 

FICO Score Rating Range Fico Score Rating
Poor 300-579 16%
Fair 580-669 17%
Good 670-739 21%
Very Good 740-799 25%
Exceptional 800-850 21%


Vantage Score 4.0 Rating Range Percent of Population
Very Poor 300-549 19%
Poor 550-649 19%
Fair 650-699 19%
Good 700-749 13%
Excellent 750-850 30%


This simply means instead of getting things right between the ages 24-34 you could begin your savings, savings for retirement, investing in crypto and stocks, and even purchase a home. 

That’s that real advantage. Eventually, I did recover, and today I keep my 4 credit cards between 9% to 30% at all times before reporting to the credit bureau. As a result, my credit scores range from 720 to 740 and I own a home now as well. While I am very blessed and thankful for my outcome, I cannot say that my friends and associates have been as fortunate as I have. So, what I decided to do to help is refer them to Equity Movement to join and as long as they stay engaged it will shorten their time for recovery. The only other advice that I can give is to take 100% responsibility for where you are and make a commitment to yourself to improve.