Are you ready to become a homeowner? Let’s talk about taking the homeowner’s journey. This is probably one of the most important decisions, and one of the biggest financial investments that you will ever make in your lifetime. Once you begin to work with your lender, who will determine the amount of your buying power, the lender will provide you with a pre-approval letter.

Hopefully, you have already identified an agent or brokerage that you are comfortable with representing you in your real estate transaction. As you tour in-person or virtually, the many different properties that are available in the surrounding areas, please avoid becoming immediately emotionally attached to any property. Due to the current market and the market inventory of houses, buyers can find themselves involved in multiple offers on the property and even find themselves overpaying for the “I love this house and I will pay whatever it takes.”

Please rely on your agent’s professional recommendations and comparable. Once you find the home of your choice, I highly recommend a home inspection for your new potential home. It is your final decision as a buyer to have a home inspection; the inspection provides a level of comfort for you regarding your purchase. There will be many other professionals who will join your team throughout the buying process, for example, the title company, appraiser, and insurance agent.

As a buyer, you will experience several other emotions during the buying process; take comfort in knowing that you will begin to settle down after you receive those three long-awaited calls from your agent: (1) Your offer has been accepted; (2) we are cleared to close; and (3) the title has transferred and filed-l have your keys. Then you take a deep breath, pray, and do your happy dance.